Boyfriend of disgraced AKB48 singer apologises to fans

A sobbing Minegishi told fans she had decided to shave her head as an act of contrition after a popular weekly magazine published claims of a night of passion with a year-old boy band member. Minegishi, who had long, silky hair at the time, was snapped leaving the apartment of Alan Shirahama, a dancer in an off-shoot of the popular boy band Exile. Everything I did is entirely my fault, I am so sorry. AKB48, a strong pool of girls in their teens and early 20s, is a money-printing juggernaut that makes much of the accessibility — and the implied availability — of its idols. Fans have frequent opportunities to meet their favorites, who are rotated in and out of the public eye, according to popularity. In June last year, another AKB48 member, Rino Sashihara, 20, made a pained apology after a magazine article revealed her free-wheeling history with a boy. She was demoted to a regional sub-group as a punishment. While much is made of their supposed innocence, the band is heavily marketed on its sex appeal, with skimpy outfits and coquettish smiles the order of the day. A television commercial in which the girls seductively passed candy from mouth to mouth was a huge hit, despite — or because — of its homoerotic overtones, which sparked complaints from more conservative sections of society. Most recently, a photograph that showed naked former AKB48 member Tomomi Kasai with a young, apparently Caucasian or Eurasian child cupping her breasts, set off police probe and led to the pulping of about , copies of a popular weekly magazine.

Young Idol Date Scandal Ends In Resignation, Tears

Capital and Ideology Thomas Piketty. No More War Dan Kovalik. The Activists Rainer Link. A YouTube video from Japan recently caused a global sensation.

AKB 1/48 – a dating simulation game based on the island of Guam The odd love scandal is not unusual for AKB48 members, a few of whom.

Higuchi Yuta and a magazine model on Sept 19th, Source : Torendosokuhou Via Anakamirikaru. Comments from akb48taimuzu. The same outfit! It’s gone now. Especially Owada, she’s already terrible on her own. They should learn from Komiyama, Mukaichi and Okada they are smart girls, work hard and your efforts will be rewarded. This is the worst. Goodbye Naanya. Goodbye Nishino. Leave AKB. They’re much worse when it comes to scandals.

AKB48 Top Ten Most Shocking Moments

Rock band Scandal clearly didn’t want to be lumped in with their cutesy dance-pop peers like AKB48 and Perfume. That message was put across by Japanese all-female rock band Scandal early on in the roundtable interview. They clearly didn’t want to be lumped in with their cutesy dance-pop peers like AKB48 and Perfume.

Personally, we don’t really think of ourselves as cute-looking at all.

The dating rule was most prominently enforced back in when Morning Musume first debuted, their producer and agency promoted the.

I am so so sorry. AKB48 contains more than members — yes, you read that right — in their teens and early 20s, and the band is wildly popular in Japan, in part because of its daily performances for fans who have won tickets in a lottery, and in part because of the implied romantic availability of its stars. The band must follow a strict code of conduct, mostly in the interest of maintaining its large fanbase, that prohibits members from having boyfriends.

The group has been criticized for its racy costumes, lyrics and music videos, which show members kissing and bathing together. Members of the group were also featured in an ad for Japanese candymakers Puccho, which showed them passing candy to each other, mouth-to-mouth:. This website uses cookies to personalize your content including ads , and allows us to analyze our traffic.

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Pop singer’s shock marriage announcement at AKB ‘election’ sparks controversy

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. A Japanese pop idol, hair freshly shaved to the skin, takes to YouTube and bursts into tears as she begs for mercy over her transgression.

I didn’t know what to do, so I decided to shave my head without telling other band members or my agency. I don’t expect to be forgiven by doing this, but the first thing I thought was that I didn’t want to quit AKB

over head-shaving apology for dating scandal. In this Friday, Feb. 1, file photo, hugely popular Japanese girl band AKB48 members.

The two were in a very cozy Ryokan together. These Inns are very welcoming and usually a hot spot for couples or families. That shows significance within the relationship apart from physical connections. Of course, we all expected the worse to happen to Yuki, surprisingly, this is being ignored. Kashiwagi being placed in NGT48 has not been linked to the scandal officially as of June 24, Fans from both Japan and abroad have spoken out against AKB48 for their form of punishment back when Minegishi Minami was begging for forgiveness.

As for Yukirin, fans also threatened the management in favor of her well being and happiness. This leaves us with evidence that the majority of Japanese fans are more disgusted with the punishment than the actual scandal. Okay, that was how long ago? Like Fujimoto Miki in Morning Musume long ago.

Japan pop idol shaves head after sex scandal

The official YouTube channel of AKB48, the most popular musical group in Japan today, usually hosts music video clips and other promotions. Yet around 10 p. Minami Minegishi, a popular member of AKB48 since the group’s founding in , faced the camera and apologized profusely to fans. As tears washed over her face, she said those in charge of the group had demoted her to the “trainee” team and, to punish herself, she had shaved her head.

Japanese pop star Minami Minegishi shaves head after spending the night with her boyfriend. Proponents argue that AKB48 offers fans the chance shaves feel.

TOKYO – A member of a hugely popular Japanese girl band has shaved her head and issued a tearful videotaped apology for violating the megagroup’s no-dating rule, sparking a national debate over whether the band’s management exerts too much control over its performers. Pictures of Minami Minegishi in closely-cropped hair have been splashed across Japanese newspapers and triggered heated discussion on Twitter and television talk shows.

The year-old made the video, posted on the group AKB48’s website, after she was caught by a gossip magazine leaving a boy’s apartment. AKB48, made up of more than 90 girls and young women divided into several teams, forbids its members from dating to project a clean image and signal their devotion to the group and their mostly male fans. Minegishi belonged to one of the top teams, but her manager announced her demotion to the bottom-ranked “research student” status. In her nearly four-minute video released on the group’s Internet site, a tearful Minegishi, shorn of her silky black hair, sobbed hard and pleaded with her fans to let her stay with the band.

She said she shaved her head as an act of contrition to her “thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour. It’s entirely my fault. I am truly sorry.

Japanese pop idol stirs national debate over head-shaving apology for dating scandal

Take a moment to watch this video. Notice her shaved head? That is a traditional way to show remorse and a desire to repent in Japanese culture, a tradition quite rare for women to practice. So what was her sin?

pop idol stirs national debate over head-shaving apology for dating scandal. 1, file photo, hugely popular Japanese girl band AKB

Perhaps the most shocking thing about AKB48 is that they have somehow survived through so many ups and downs in the music market. This is a group that started out with just seven people in the audience for the first show and now sell out stadiums full of people on a regular basis. And all this in a short span of nearly ten years? I mean, the Milky and Jurina transfers, for instance, could easily have been mentioned since their transfers really affected both them and their fans to an almost unbearable degree.

Watching Jurina fall down and nearly pass out when she was told the news during the Saitama Super Arena Tour was absolutely gut-wrenching to watch. Okay, so I figured starting off this shocking list with something really awesome was the way to go. Not even female idol powerhouses Morning Musume were able to do that at the height of their success!

Imagine how the girls felt in when their names were announced during the 53 rd Japan Record Awards for Record of the Year recipients.

No dating for the girls (AKB48 Pt 2)