Concert review: Best Coast and Wavves

There’s so much new music out there! And so much old music too! Sometimes bands that made a lot of old music do this thing where they make new music too! Like, sure, Lil’ Yachty has a new album out. But it’s tracks long and no one’s really got time for that. Spotify is wack.

Best Coast and Wavves to go on joint 2011 North American tour

Seven years and three albums later, she reflects on the ups and downs of sudden buzz. Keep doing it. I thought, Why are these people picking on me for being myself?

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Best Coast have always been a delightful embodiment of catharsis. The California rock duo of Bethany Consentino and Bobb Bruno have been rattling off intensely personal guitar pop songs since their classic debut Crazy For You , but their new album, Always Tomorrow , out now via Concord Records, provides a different kind of catharsis. A decade ago, Best Coast were the definition of a hype band.

But beyond their sun-soaked, emotional indie rock songs and cloud of fame, Consentino was having trouble dealing with success. Consentino turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and projected an image of a perpetually cool, unfazed musician, but she was facing an internal crisis that became too large to ignore. After their album California Nights , she isolated herself, feeling miserable and creatively uninspired.

But then a song fell out of her, which became the golden ticket she needed. In late , she decided to make that song a reality by becoming sober. Her creative gears eventually began to turn again, and she brought in guitarist Bobb Bruno to write songs with her for the first time. He sent music for her to write to, and four of his songs ended up on their new album Always Tomorrow. Paste talked to Cosentino about her past, present and future in one of the most beloved bands of the decade, Best Coast.

Read the interview below, which has been edited for length and clarity.

Welcome to Terminal West

With their official debut album Are You Satisfied? Their fifth record properly titled V came out last month. Starting off with British band Slaves, their debut is quite impressive. Their latest release comes off the Virgin EMI label. Are You Satisfied? The protest sounding songs seem to be resonating with many.

But I still get tweets that say, “Make a personal account and stop I had a Best Coast blog and I wrote on it about cyberbullying, things like, “Just Nathan [​Williams, of Wavves] and I would always get weird things written about us. “​They both have records coming out; they both are big bands; they date.

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The Beacon

On Monday, both bands made their way to Boulder to let audiences feel the love. The group came out ironically decked out in Misfits-style makeup and poked fun at metal bands throughout their set. Besides the gimmick they put on, Wavves played an energy-packed show that left the audience dancing and moshing with delight. Wavves did a great job of covering all of their material and sounding faithful to their recordings. There was considerably less moshing for Best Coast, as their set was a breezy and fun hour of sunny rock.

GOING ON THE BEST DATE. Though Best Coast’s debut album, Crazy for You, won an ocean of fans for its fizzy, lo-fi surf pop, frontwoman Bethany Cosentino swears she’s still the same weedand-Wavves-loving girl as always. “I’​m not.

In the perpetually bouncing, skating, blunt-smoking, laughing, crowd surfing, reverbed world of Best Coast and Wavves, over-thinkers, self-pitiers and gloomy types need not apply. The fact that Bethany Cosentino and Nathan Williams are a real-life couple only makes the story better. The two met at the age of 17, spent a summer together, went their separate ways and then got back together. Nathan and Bethany, too, are among the most entertaining Twitter users out there.

NORRIS: The idea for this tour—was there just a hole in the schedule for both bands and you decided this would be a good thing to do now? So we get to spend a good chunk of time together, which is cool. Or can you? She still thinks I do.

Like A Weed? Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Grows Up

I think this relationship is maybe a few weeks old, but the warning signs were there; the similarities between them are crystal clear. To name a few: Both are afraid of the ocean and swimming. Both have an affinity for Seinfeld.

While I’m still convinced that every Best Coast song consists of the same drumbeats, Saturday’s set list, which was a mix of new and old, showed.

Bethany Cosentino is undoubtedly talented. Her voice is strong and emotional, and she has that mastered combination of laissez faire melancholy and swooning romance. As a band, she and her band mate Bobb Bruno have consistently created what can only be called stoner pop. Their debut Crazy for You was a stellar series of throwback garage rock songs about immaturity, unmet expectations and hormonal pining.

The fuzzed out guitars and droning harmonies were a definitive introduction to what Best Coast is all about, and every song felt like a standout. And on their latest full-length release California Nights , there seems to be even less to get excited about. But it sort of coasts without ever really building to a place that will make you want to stick around.

Crazy for You was so hard to resist. It sucked you in from the first notes and seemed to poignantly capture every post-adolescent aspect of life, from constantly feeling lost, to one-sided relationships with flaky guys, to being stoned and careless. The Only Place carried that torch, but was a little watered down in places.

Echo Chamber: Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino on the Time She Dumped Wavves’ Nathan Williams

Not any more. Her weed consumption is restricted to edibles such as honey, lollipops and lemonade. A scorpio pendant dangles from her neck. When the pink sun sets, she can hideaway like a recluse. As a result, it lacked the smart surf rock of their debut and met with unforgiving reviews. It was a shock.

stopping giving a shit about the band sometime in the midst of time after King of the Beach and when he broke up with that Best Coast chick.

Lukas likes to write about music. He is vaguely respected as a critic. His musings have found their way into a wide range of international magazines and a variety of credible websites. In the months leading up to the event, Get Frank will profile various artists from the lineup — making sure you know who to catch in January. The duo released their debut recording last year – the ridiculously chill Crazy For You. Known for their unique blend of ’60s surf-pop and lo-fi rock, Cosentino describes her music as: “Songs about summer and the sun and the ocean and being a lazy creep.

Full of drums, Beach Boys bass lines, and other amazing things. Key releases: ‘s excellent Crazy For You. Sounds like: The Beach Boys, Vivian Girls, anything that can be vaguely described as ‘surfy’ – the halcyon days of pop music. Why you should check them out: If every summer has a soundtrack, then Best Coast will be the most appropriate artist to catch at Big Day Out.

Reverb Soundcheck: Wavves and Best Coast