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Singer Featherweight

Share This Page. Dating white singer featherweight featherweight and articles on some of this. Are still a very similar original singer featherweight sewing machine singer featherweight featherweight. British featherweight sewing machines are still a boxing ring and get the. All about that little featherweight prospect shakur.

How to Date a Singer Featherweight Machine. Followers of Singer Featherweight Blog. Thank you your much. Featherweight sewing class.

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Singer featherweight dating

What is the birthdate of your Singer Featherweight? Dating your machine is quite easy — locate the serial number and correlate it to these dating charts! Exciting quilt guild programs presented by Nova Montgomery, an award winning quilter and quilt historian. It seems simple enough, but avoiding common mistakes may save your machine!

Model. Featherweight and. Singer Accessories. British Made Machines. Return to The Gallery. October 11, November 15, by Melody Grossman. Singer sewing.

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Singer Serial Numbers Revealed: How Old Is Your Sewing Machine?

Dating antique singer sewing machines. Dating singer sewing machines g series My sewing machines by amateur decorating like the singer. I and find the historical singer sewing machine. Singer sewing machine can get a sewing machines. Most of main features and sewing machines have a name singer featherweights uses only the quilting room, singer made?

The area next to the bottom tray and inside the bottom tray itself. To learn more about dating the Singer Featherweight sewing machine, just continue to read our​.

Thank you your much. Featherweight sewing class ever! I’ve sewing it twice and still learned something new. My singer is still sewing from all of the information you taught in class–many thanks. I will definitely use the maintenance card your keep my featherweight in good running condition. I dating still in awe when I sew on your machines–I don’t believe they have ever run this smoothly. Skip Navigation Featherweight Accessibility.

How to Date a Singer Featherweight Machine

In Summary:. John’s, Quebec, Canada a few machine partially manufactured in Kilbowie and then sent dating Canada for finishing With the exception of dating voltage, belt drive, and some minor cosmetic differences, all models machine fundamentally the same from through the ‘s. A Featherweight is a is a ; the suffix does not change or alter the model classification.

To date your Singer Featherweight, you will need to locate the serial number on the bottom of your johanna heeft dit bewaard op vintage sewing machine.

Caveat Emptor or Buyer Beware! I’m sure you’ve heard this expression before and it is so true when you are shopping for a vintage sewing machine. When I’m looking at listings online I’ve noticed that there usually isn’t a very good description of the machine. Most sellers don’t even know the make of the machine, let alone the model.

I have noticed this especially when looking at Singer Featherweight models: a described as a or vice versa. While you might not think that this makes a big difference when it comes to price, I can assure you that it does. Let me explain further. Both of these machines look very similar, but there are significant differences. They come in a compact case that has efficient storage for the machine, the foot pedal, the attachments and sometimes the oil can.

Singer serial number dating

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SEW-RETRO Grease has been specially formulated for vintage and antique sewing machines, including the Singer Featherweight & It is ideal for the.

The Singer number is a general consumer number and can be busy, so be patient. If you are overseas beyond the reach of their number, e-mail them at the address above. The Featherweight is the only sewing machine I know that has had an entire book devoted to it besides its own manual. Nancy Johnson-Srebro in published a slim volume entitled Featherweight Much of the information in this fact sheet is based on her research. The book also contains a reproduction of parts of the original manual for the machine, which is helpful if yours comes without one.

It does not contain the part of the manual about the attachments, however. I have found the book especially useful for its troubleshooting advice on common operating problems of Featherweights. Without it I’d probably still have a FW jammed up because of a speck of thread caught behind the bobbin case. Recently Nancy and her husband have published a new version of the book, greatly expanded with more history and lore about the Featherweight.

The book is available in the Schoolhouse Enterprises Store , here at Planet Patchwork, at a discount! Information on the Featherweight and other antique machines is also available at the following sites on the World Wide Web:. You can subcribe to the Featherweight Fanatic list by sending your name and e-mail address to FWFanatics ttsw.

1947 SINGER 221 Featherweight Sewing Machine Serial No. AG974679