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A Fringe Benefits s04 s4. B Athletic Event Tickets s04 s4. C Tuition Waiver for Employees s04 s4. D Resident Status of University Employees s04 s4. E Bookstore Discount s04 s4. F Direct Deposit of Pay s04 s4.

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There, he worked in a variety of academic and administrative roles at Acadia, dating back to Perrins taught in the school’s Department of History and.

On January 1, , Chien assumed the position of Pro-Vice-Chancellor, a position he held until He was succeeded in this position by Shain-Dow Kung. Those administrators who have headed this office are as follows:. The office is charged with the administration of undergraduate and graduate instruction and academic research. Prior to the opening of the university, the main foci of the office were the recruitment of faculty, the preliminary development of academic programs, the design of academic facilities, and the acquisition of research equipment.

Subsequently, the office has engaged in a wide range of activities relating to the on-going administration of academic affairs, such as the review of academic programs; the implementation of policies relating to intellectual property, faculty recruitment, and student discipline; and the development of procedures for substantiation reviews for faculty.

These include records of administrative meetings, printed materials, memoranda, reports, correspondence, and a variety of other materials documenting the operations of the Academic Affairs AA Branch. The records include administrative files and publications that provide an overview of the AA Branch activities and contain some documentation on each of the offices and departments overseen by the VPAA See Series 1 and Series 6.

The materials also provide extensive documentation of the planning and development of the university between See Series 3 , Series 4 and Series 5. For example, the files chronicle the recruitment of senior academic staff, academic planning meetings held in the United States, meetings of academic staff, and planning for instructional facilities and research laboratories at the University. The materials also record the development of academic programs and university policies pertaining to academic matters, and provide some information on the policies and procedures of other universities in Hong Kong.

Provost to host virtual town hall for faculty June 26

College President Phil Hanlon, while serving as provost of the University of Michigan, was made aware in of allegations of misbehavior against an administrator who was in the process of receiving a promotion, according to a report by the Detroit Free Press. However, according to Dartmouth spokesperson Diana Lawrence, an independent investigation into the allegations at the time did not find evidence of misconduct or anything that would undermine the appointment.

Philbert was placed on administrative leave on Jan. According to the Free Press, university officials were previously made aware of accusations against Philbert on at least three occasions over the years. Philbert was subsequently awarded the position. This incident was not the first time public allegations had been made against Philbert.

Meet Attractive and Suitable Teaching Technologies A FacultyCONNECT event. Date: Tuesday, September 16, Time: – pm. Location: Willis.

The Faculty Manual embodies the essential elements of the employment relationship between the faculty, individually and collectively, and the university. It establishes the terms of employment, the manner of appointment, the procedures and standards for tenure and promotion, the duties of faculty members, and the procedures and standards for termination of employment. It delineates faculty organization and confirms the authority of the faculty to participate in the governance of the university, especially in regard to academic matters.

Policies and procedures relating to faculty may be separately maintained and distributed in the relevant campus-specific faculty manual. Campus chief academic affairs officers are responsible for ensuring all faculty manuals are kept current and revised to reflect newly approved university policies within six months of approval. After review by the appropriate faculty governance body, draft revisions to a faculty manual should be forwarded to the Office of the Provost.

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Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has thanked UCL for its role in helping to educate students from his country dating back years to the Choshu Five in the 19th century. Mr Abe, who spared the time to meet the provost despite being in the midst of a snap election he has just called, expressed his appreciation of UCL’s strength in medicine and was pleased to see collaborations between UCL and Japan in these areas.

During the visit the Provost and his delegation which includes experts on dementia and disaster management are meeting with officials and academics from Tokyo, Tohoku, Kyoto and Osaka universities. There have also been meetings with leading companies Eisai Co. UCL has been working in Fukushima since when it was hit by the triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown.

Mr Abe spoke of his fond memories of visiting UCL in where he was pictured next to the Japan monument in the South Cloisters where the names of the Choshu Five are engraved on the granite next to a Japanese waka poem.

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4.1 Inappropriate Conduct by Faculty Members

Martin Philbert. Photo: University of Michigan. A law firm’s independent review of sexual misconduct allegations against a former top University of Michigan official has found he “sexually harassed multiple members of the university community, including both graduate students who worked in his research lab and university employees. Martin Philbert was promoted to university provost in September despite having a reputation for inappropriate behavior towards women, with allegations dating back as far as

Policies, Procedures and Forms for Students in the Office of the Provost at St. Report Form for Sexual Misconduct, Dating/Relationship Violence, Stalking.

Most of Scotland’s 32 modern unitary council areas elect a Provost, who, alongside ceremonial duties similar to mayors in other countries, also acts as convener of the council. In the cities and council areas of Glasgow , Edinburgh , Aberdeen , and Dundee , the alternative title of Lord Provost is used. As a secular title, praepositus is also very old, dating to the praepositus sacri cubiculi of the late Roman Empire , and the praepositus palatii of the Carolingian court. The title developed in France from where it found its way into Scots , where in Scotland it became the style as provost of the principal magistrates of the Royal Burghs roughly speaking, the equivalent of ” mayor ” in other countries ” Lord Provost ” in Edinburgh , Glasgow , Aberdeen and Dundee , and into England , where it is applied to certain officers charged with the maintenance of military discipline.

A Provost Marshal is an officer of the army originally appointed when troops are on service abroad and now in the United Kingdom as well for the prompt repression of all offenses. A provost sergeant is in charge of the garrison police or regimental police. The ‘Provost’ also refers to the military police in general. The British Army pronunciation is ‘Prov-oh’, though the U.

Army pronunciation is ‘Pro-vost’ as written. Historically the provost was the chief magistrate or convener of a Scottish burgh council, the equivalent of a mayor in other parts of the English-speaking world. After the re-organisation of local government in Scotland in , the title of Lord Provost was reserved to Aberdeen , Dundee , Edinburgh and Glasgow , while other district councils could choose the title to be used by the convener; in twenty-two councils had provosts.

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To address situations in which two persons have an apparently voluntary romantic or sexual relationship, but where a power differential exists because of their roles within the university, e. The University of Kansas has a tradition of commitment to providing an academic community environment that, without discrimination, fosters intellectual, professional and personal growth.

Central to the preservation of this environment is the trust that should characterize all interactions among those working toward the common goal of the institution, namely, our students, faculty, unclassified staff, and university support staff. This trust is put at risk when members of the University community engage in consenting romantic or sexual relationships that involve persons of unequal power, for example, administrator and faculty, faculty and student, supervisor and employee.

Because the University of Kansas strongly disapproves of consenting relationships where a professional power differential exists, this policy statement is being promulgated.

Provost Gretchen Caughman will be hosting a Faculty Town Hall at 3 p.m. Friday, June 26, Augusta University – Welcome to Dating

I am pleased to present to you this Guide to our plans for the upcoming fall semester and reopening of our campuses. In form and in content, this coming semester will be like no other. We will live differently, work differently and learn differently. But in its very difference rests its enormous power. The mission of Yeshiva University is to enrich the moral, intellectual and spiritual development of each of our students, empowering them with the knowledge and abilities to become people of impact and leaders of tomorrow.

Character is formed and developed in times of deep adversity. This is the kind of teachable moment that Yeshiva University was made for. As such, we have developed an educational plan for next year that features a high-quality student experience and prioritizes personal growth during this Coronavirus era. Our students will be able to work through the difficulties, issues and opportunities posed by our COVID era with our stellar rabbis and faculty, as well as their close friends and peers at Yeshiva.

To develop our plans for the fall, we have convened a Scenario Planning Task Force made up of representatives across the major areas of our campus. Their planning has been guided by the latest medical information, government directives, direct input from our rabbis, faculty and students, and best practices from industry and university leaders across the country.

Dr. Jayne Moschella Named Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Parker University

Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. Faculty members are public officials whose professional activities may create situations in which their private or personal interests are potentially in opposition to their official responsibilities. A faculty member must be sensitive to the potential for conflict of interest situations and act in a manner to minimize their effects.

As a matter of state law and University policy, it is the responsibility of faculty members to avoid being in a position of authority over a spouse or a member of the immediate family who also is employed by the University for specific details, see the University’s Financial and Administrative Policies Manual and Code of Virginia 2.

A faculty member and his or her spouse or another member of the immediate family may both be employed by the University, so long as the faculty member does not exercise any control over the employment conditions and activities such as initial appointment, retention, promotion, tenure, salary, leave of absence, grievance advantage of the spouse or relative and is not in a position to influence those activities.

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Friday, June 26, to provide more information regarding campus reopening plans related to instruction, research, enrollment management and student affairs. If you have questions or suggestions related to campus reopening plans or Fall preparation, please submit them in advance of the meeting at augusta. Peter Basciano , pbasciano augusta. We will do our best to address your submissions in the meeting or on our campus reopening site at my. Contact her to schedule an interview on this topic or with one of our experts at or lkaylor augusta.

Daily updates highlight the many ways students, faculty, staff, researchers and clinicians “bring their A games” in classrooms and clinics on four campuses in Augusta and locations across the state of Georgia. Have something to brag about? Jagwire wants to hear about it. Augusta University. Campus News. Lisa Kaylor 1 min read June 18, Watch the live stream at my.

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Policy Statement Syracuse University is committed to maintaining a healthy, safe, respectful, and productive working, learning, and teaching environment. This Policy provides a framework for defining and preventing inappropriate conduct by University Faculty Members and outlining the available procedural options for those who believe themselves to have been subject to misconduct by a University Faculty Member.

Syracuse University is committed to educating the community about and enforcing the standards of community conduct elaborated below. Further, the University is committed to meeting standards of transparency, fairness, and accountability in acting upon and communicating this policy and the procedures that follow. Scope of Policy Any member of the University community student, staff, faculty, or administrator having a complaint concerning inappropriate conduct by a University Faculty Member may utilize this Policy and the Procedure that follows.

Responsibilities of University Faculty Members University Faculty Members share responsibility for University governance and for the maintenance of the tenets of the University Code of Ethical Conduct. Syracuse University strongly supports and protects the principle of academic freedom. All members of the University community have a right to use the academic forum provided by the University to discuss controversial subjects and to express ideas with which some or most of the members of the community strongly disagree.

University Faculty Members are additionally expected to exercise judgment in the pursuit of their many professional goals and to take responsibility for the power that those freedoms confer. As employees of the University, University Faculty Members implicitly and explicitly agree to contribute to, and not otherwise to impede, the healthy, safe, and productive environment for work, learning, and teaching to which the University is committed.

As University Faculty Members, in particular, they have a responsibility to contribute positively to the learning environment for their students and not to take advantage of, or abuse those professional powers.

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Today, on her birthday, Dominique Provost-Chalkley came out as a queer woman. She wrote a lovely post on her website, Start the Wave , joining her castmate Kat Barrell in the queer fold. She goes on to say that things changed once she got her beloved role on Wynonna Earp. I think in this heteronormative world, sometimes being cast as someone who is queer can often be the first chance a person has to face the possibility that they might be queer in a way that feels somewhat safe.

She says playing Waverly and meeting the queer fans of Wynonna Earp and possibly also helped by her queer roles in the Carmilla Movie and the Tello film Season of Love made her feel like she could try to be brave and live her authentic truth. I am queer.

Office of the Executive Vice-President and Provost. Abstract: The records consist of selected files from the office dating from These include records of.

Jump to navigation. Domestic abuse and violence are an epidemic of national scope, reaching across all segments of society, regardless of socio-economic, racial, gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, age, and other characteristics or lifestyle factors. Only one in twenty-five adolescent victims seeks professional help. Abusive relationships often involve a pattern of repeated verbal, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse that escalates the longer the relationship continues.

Be supportive of the student and aware that being a victim of an abusive relationship involves many psychological factors. If you are a Responsible Employee e. Reporting threats to the campus and individual students, staff, or faculty, including apparent violations of this Domestic Abuse and Violence Policy, is important to the preservation of safety.

The University thus urges persons who believe that an imminent threat to physical safety of self or others exists or that a crime has occurred to contact Police Services on an emergency basis Dial In a non-emergency situation, a student or employee who wishes to file a complaint regarding a perceived violation of this Policy may proceed as follows:.

SDCC 2016 – Dominique Provost Chalkley & Katherine Barrell